Products by Stage

Products by Stage 2017-06-30T13:39:37-07:00

Initiative Foods breaks its products into three age-appropriate stages.

Moms and babies will love your shelves, every step of the way.


One (4 months)

Single foods (“baby’s first” classics like applesauce, bananas, carrots and peas) are unsweetened, unsalted and gluten free with no artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives. Minimally processed for a fresher taste.

Two (6 months)

Snacking starts early, and we get babies off to a healthy start with vegetable and fruit blends like apple blueberry, corn squash and green beans and rice. Complete nutrition also means it’s time to make it a meal with meats like beef, chicken and turkey.

Three (8 months)

It’s time to graduate to funky chunky with medleys, textures and more complex dinners like pasta primavera and apple berry oats with cinnamon.